My Trainer Profile

Industry expert: Software Engineering

Specialization 1: Presentation Skills

Specialization 2: Cross-cultural Skills

Leslie head shot
  • Nationality: US
  • Bachelor Degree: Software Engineer
  • > 5 years | China Training
  • > 20 years | Business & Engineering
  • Hobbies: Software Development / F&B Review
  • Industry expert: IT Process Improvement Skills
  • Specialization 1: Presentation Skills
  • Specialization 2: Cross-Cultural Soft Skills

Business Background

This native New Yorker earned a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and Information Systems from George Washington University in Washington, DC in 1985.

Before settling into Greater China in 1997, he accumulated 18 years Software Engineering experience in the West. Now with 6 years working in the IT industry in Taipei and 9 years Corporate Training background in Shanghai, he has clear insights into Engineering capabilities, Cultural Diversities and Nuances, and advanced Conversational Chinese skills.

As a business owner, he also understands the real world challenges of providing high quality, high-value service, including the importance of proper employee training and achieving 100% customer satisfaction. As a team player, he is dedicated to coaching other trainers in best practices and training skills development workshops.

Training Experience

This experienced and thoughtful trainer has delivered proven-effective, tailored, soft skills trainings, and communication skills development programs, to multinational companies in China for over 9 years. Through his own learning Chinese as a second language, he has developed his own results-oriented training approach and strategy, well adapted to the Chinese students’ perspective. His style is very patient, interactive and encouraging, which motivates participation, rather than passive attendance. His favorite training topics are Presentation Making Skills, Cross-Cultural soft skills, Business English, PPT Design skills, Email Writing, and Training-the-Trainer coaching. He also has much experience in both 1-1 coaching, as well as group trainings and workshops.

Industry Knowledge

Information Technology

Software Development

Writing & Editing

Quality Assurance

Inter-Cultural Communication

Coaching and Training

Process Improvement

Business Consulting

Presentation Skills

US Culture

Food & Hospitality Review

China Culture



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