My IT Background


Over 30 years experience highlighting Software Engineering · Organizational & Operational Efficiencies & Execution · Cross-cultural Communications & Integration · Program Management · Process Improvement · People Management · Training experience  · CMMI Process & Tools · OO design & development · Highly-Available Distributed Fault-Tolerant OS · Advanced Data Structures & Modeling



  • Agile/Scrum development, C++/C#, Java, Javascript, PHP, JSON/SOAP, XML
  • Eclipse, NetBeans, jBuilder, Visual Studio, VSS, SharePoint, Git,
  • Linux, AIX, UNIX, Solaris, Windows; IBM RS6000, Sun Microsystems



Autodesk, Shanghai                      Program Manager                      2008.02 – 2012.08

  • Program Manager: propose & drive various division initiatives to improve capabilities & efficiencies by analyzing & synthesizing information from brainstorming with product & project managers to identifying team, organizational, & individual strategic deficiencies. Communicate, coordinate efforts, & manage commitments at all levels of management & staff across all teams. Report to Division Director of over 300 engineers.
  • Quality Assurance Department Manager: people manage several Scrum teams of QA engineers on several groups of products, including SaaS. Established cross-division QA Management Team. Report to Division Director.
  • Training Committee Leader: develop, instruct, & manage internal & cross-division training department workshops & processes for trainers & students.
  • SW Developer: use Java on Scrum/Agile project to develop zero-client browser-embedded design tool with cloud-based server.

Q1 Consulting, Shanghai              Principle Consultant                2006.06 – present

  • Process Improvement Consultant: consult with IT departments to evaluate process capabilities (using CMMI v1.1 as a benchmark); establish action plans to prioritize & implement process improvement projects; consulted on project output.
  • Programmer: develop software systems, from websites to back-end servers.
  • Trainer: develop & deliver Soft Skills, CMMI, technology, & process trainings to all levels of staff.

Mitac International, Shanghai       SQA & PI Project Manager       2004.04 – 2006.04

  • Software Quality Assurance Department Manager: lead self-founded team of over 9 SQA engineers to objectively evaluate, communicate, & track both manager & engineer non-compliance to organization-defined processes & standards. Establish project priorities, assign, & manage the activities of the engineers within the department. Plan, budget, & report all department QA activities.
  • SEPG Manager & Process Improvement Program Manager: manage 10 teams of over 30 SEPG members to implement CMMI v1.2 level 3 across seven business units, totaling a staff of over 600. Coordinate efforts with other managers & teams to establish project priorities, assign, & manage the activities of the engineers within the group. Plan, budget, & report all organizational process improvement activities. Used Subversion & Bugzilla.
  • Trainer: Develop & conduct CMMI & process-related trainings for Mgt. & engineers.
  • Mentor: Organize, develop, & conduct S/W Technology Workshop to improve staff’s skills.

Universal EC, Inc., Taipei          Senior Java Engineer                     2002.02 – 2004.02

  • SEPG Leader: lead team to implement CMMI level 2. Establish code review, CM, PP, PMC, & other CMMI-related processes, policies, & support tools.
  • Team leader: enhance a communication module for a J2EE implementation of a TRP FXML SMS/ebXML message engine using Hibernate & Ant.

Virtual, Inc., Taipei               Senior Lead Engineer                        2000.12 – 2002.02

  • Team leader: design & develop server-side Java framework to support wireless communications to hand-held clients including an SMS protocol reader & message generator, persistent file cache, product licensing subsystem & generator, automated code generator & template language, & system configuration data manager using Ant & XML.
  • SEPG Leader: establish code review, CM, TS, & other CMMI-related processes, policies, & tools to support SEI CMMI capabilities.

 Jade Pacific Corp, Taipei               Senior Engineer                1999.05 – 2000.12

  • Designer & developer: of Java Servlet & JDBC framework.
  • Designer & developer: of web-accessible Mutual Fund system.
  • Maintainer: of C++ CGI framework & custom-written JSP-like scripting language.
  • CM Manager: Established new CM policy, including a code review process.

 III, Taipei                      Senior Engineer                                  1998.03 – 1999.05

  • Developer: Use Java, Java Swing, C, Borland C++ Builder, CGI, & Windows GUI programming to develop real-time device monitor applets & a browser-based server configuration systems including dynamic html CGI, & an Integrated PBX Phonebook System.
  • Familiar with many networking-related protocols (e.g., ADSL, OSPF, RIP, RSVP, SNMP, SNMP++, WinSNMP, VPN, WBDM)
  • CM Manager: Establish CM policy & coding standards; recommended Problem Tracking system.

 IBM/Boeing Co., D. C.               Senior Engineer                1991.07 – 1998.01

  • Designer & Developer & Engineer of Systems Services subsystems providing a highly-available distributed fault-tolerant OS for Britain’s New Enroute Center (NERC), Taiwan’s ATCAS, & the U.S. DSR: OSI/ISO session management & TCP/IP socket communication software; interface to external universal time source; hardware diagnostics; system performance monitoring using Ada on IBM AIX systems; Implemented 100% coverage unit testing.
  • Long-term in-country systems debugging, & integration support.
  • Support formal sell-off & maintenance on-site in Taiwan.

 CSC, D. C.             Sr. Member of the Technical Staff            1989.01 – 1991.07

  • Task leader of a team of five, principal designer & developer of DCA’s turnkey MIS in Ada.
  • Chief Investigator of a team of four evaluating the Honeywell APSE for NASA. (see “Publications” below)
  • Lead developer of the I/O components of the Common Ada Programming Support Environment (APSE) Interface Set (CAIS-A) & the Distributed CAIS-A for the U.S. DoD STARS Program.
  • Designer & developer of an interoperable Ada I/O for the STARS Projects. Researched object interoperability by modeling data structures, file & operating systems & their semantics.
  • Investigator of an integrated object-oriented life-cycle methodology.
  • Investigator of heterogeneous distributed O/S’s for the GSDEIS for NASA’s Space Station.

System Designers, Ltd., D. C.           Software Engineer             1986.06 – 1988.11

  • Designer & developer of a FORTRAN/COBOL to Ada translator in Ada & DIANA for IDA.
  • Designer & developer of tools for the FAA.
  • Author of Jovial to Ada transition feasibility study for USAF. (see “Publications” below)

CSC, D. C.                   Member of the Technical Staff                  1984.10 – 1986.06

  • Designer & developer of a turnkey MIS using Pascal, KSAM, & OS routines for the USCG.

 World Data, Inc.D. C.               Software Engineer                  1983.06 – 1984.06

  • Designer & developer of turnkey MIS subsystems using a Pascal-like language.


  • Evaluation of the Honeywell Ada Program Support Environment (APSE), NASA GSC, 1990.
  • Ada Transition Feasibility Study of an Automatic Test Equipment System (Jovial to Ada), U.S. Air Force, MATE Program Office, 1988.



  • George Washington University, Washington, D. C., BBA, Information Processing, 1985.
  • 3-day Official SEI Introduction to CMMI, Dec. 2002, QAI. (Certificate)
  • 4-day CMMI Workshop, June 2004, PIA.
  • 2-day CMMI Process Group Workshop, July 2004, PIA.
  • 2-day CMMI Quality Assurance Workshop, August 2004, PIA.
  • 2-day CMMI Measurement & Analysis Workshop, Dec. 2004, PIA.
  • 2-day SCRUM Master Training, June, 2009, UPerform Consulting Group.

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