2nd “Chefs in the City”, at Bocca Italian Restaurant, Shanghai

— Five Premier Italian Chefs —

— Five One-of-A-Kind Canapes and Main Courses —

Shanghai, China (April 11, 2013) – On this, another legendary and auspicious night of decadence and great Italian food, the Roman deities of our senses, Edesia – Goddess of FoodBacchus – God of Wine, and, of course, Venus – Goddess of Love, were all in play!

For a 2nd timemagic and wonder were stirred up by the, now famous, combination of five of Shanghai’s best Italian chefs: Chef David Bassan from Bocca, Chef Giuseppe Tino from Favola at Le Royal Meridien Shanghai, Chef Riccardo Messina from Acqua e farina, Chef Corrado Michelazzo from Vabene, and Chef Marco Busatti from Isola.

Much appreciation, and big applause goes out to Bocca for graciously hosting the event on their 1st year anniversary! Congratulations, Bocca!

Also, many thanks to all of the suppliers of all of the high-quality foods and wines provided for the event 🙂

Chefs in the City“, a Shanghai based nonprofit organization comprised of the city’s premier Italian chefs, aims to create the very best of the “Italian culinary experience” but with globally sourced ingredients of the highest quality. At year-end, the net income from the Chefs in the City events will be donated to a charity organization.


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